Midterm Elections 2014 – The Deserved Lost

Midterm elections were a referendum about Obama; there is no question about that. Despite the fact that economy is doing well and unemployment numbers are low (compared with Bush periods). Wall Street stocks at record high and a health system that is affordable and works, Obama is still the BLACK guy in the WHITE House, and that my friends, is the biggest insult to the White American Christian people and the founding fathers. He has been accused of been Muslim, Terrorist, Socialist, Communist (Most Americans do not even know the difference between Socialism and Communism), Christian Hater, Racist, etc. All of those just labels hiding behind Christian bigotry. At the end, he is just a BLACK person with MUSLIN name in the WHITE House. Continue reading


The Law: Immigration – Kansas House Bill 2145 In-State Tuition

The land of freedom and opportunity is turning into a dead end for Hispanic students who graduate high school, but lack a pathway to continue for a higher education. I’m mentioning Hispanic as this race is the only that fits the “illegal” profile already created by unscrupulous politicians and ignorant civilians within the American society, but this post can reach ANY race.

The emotional hurricane over “illegal” immigration is playing a big role in media and politic channels; specially enhancing the fact that most Americans conceive “illegal” immigrants as a “threat” to this country. This phenomenon has been exploited by politicians (who truly lack of arguments to govern) to their own favor.  The more gruesome and inhumane anti-immigrant proposals they throw, the better promotion and exposure to media they will receive, using this only fact to measure their political carriers. Continue reading

Last Train to Utopia – Reaction of “Natives” to Immigrants

Hans Magnus Enzenberg, a German author, poet, translator, and editor illustrates on his essay “The Great Migration” how natives react to migratory waves using a train paradox.

Two passengers in a train compartment … Have settled comfortably, have grabbed tables, hangers, and racks, and have spread news papers, coats and bags on empty seats. Shortly after, the door is opened and two new passengers enter the same compartment. The first two do not welcome them. They show clear signs of disgust before deciding to collect their things, share rack space, and retreat to their seats. Even without knowing each other at all, the two passengers show a surprising initial mutual solidarity; they act as a group set against the newcomers, who are invading their territory. They will consider any new passenger they see an intruder. A concept that defies all rational explanation, and that, however, is deeply rooted. Yet, the newcomers are just being tolerated. First two will get used to them, still stigmatized, but yet in a lesser degree… Continue reading