Mexican expat in OZ !

Hopeless romantic, compulsive dreamer, impertinent, pragmatic, and versatile. Incisive, Inquisitive, Insightful, Irreverent mind, Wit & Evil sense of humor. Committed to reality. Enthusiastic and challenging. Rebellious and independent. Serious not solemn.. Basically, just a bitter man with lots of opinions!

This blog is about my daily struggle life in USA. It reflects work and other things I like, dislike, and then ask “WHY?”  Is my personal space within the cloud, where I can express my thoughts and my feelings. The opinions here are my own; but most importantly, this is a space where TOLERANCE really exist.  I welcome every comment, thoughts, and ideas; whether I agree or not with them is irrelevant. What really matters is our right to freedom of speech and press!