Midterm Elections 2014 – The Deserved Lost

Midterm elections were a referendum about Obama; there is no question about that. Despite the fact that economy is doing well and unemployment numbers are low (compared with Bush periods). Wall Street stocks at record high and a health system that is affordable and works, Obama is still the BLACK guy in the WHITE House, and that my friends, is the biggest insult to the White American Christian people and the founding fathers. He has been accused of been Muslim, Terrorist, Socialist, Communist (Most Americans do not even know the difference between Socialism and Communism), Christian Hater, Racist, etc. All of those just labels hiding behind Christian bigotry. At the end, he is just a BLACK person with MUSLIN name in the WHITE House.

The people of America have spoken. They support the Republican agenda of opposing everything the black guy supports and not having any ideas of their own. Well, I retract this last statement. Republicans have only ONE idea of their own; TAX CUTS to the rich so they can pass it to the lower worker and that’s how economy moves. We know that money is pocketed and never distributed down. The people of America took the fear cocktail given by mainstream media. For years, we saw FOX News persuading all patriots to stop the black guy because he was coming to take their guns away, their freedom, and their basics of humans’ rights. They told their viewers that low gas prices were bad for the economy and that health care reform was BAD and they will all die because they could not keep their current doctor. That worked perfectly. Creating fear by managing the uninformed masses creates political polarization, and that is a perfect weapon and a technique that is here to stay. The senator in my state never had any ads explaining all his accomplishments in the 30+ years he has been in congress. All his ads were about injecting fear about Obama agenda.

vs owner

Republican Yoder. Sign in Leawood, KS (Red State)

The Democratic Party deserves this lost; there is no doubt about that either. They were surprisingly dormant for months, completely inactive. They all distanced themselves from Obama and ask him NOT TO help or mention them during campaign for these elections. We can actually say they were even ashamed of their accomplishments; they were ashamed of giving Americans a fair better economy than Bush legacy, good unemployment numbers, and good health care system. As Bill Maher mentioned, “is not like you give herpes to Americans.”

So, what is next now that Republicans control congress? The conservative party needs to realize that they are no longer the opposition and cannot longer block or filibuster as they wish. They are now in charge and they need to govern for ALL people and not just to satisfy their Teabagger sponsors. They need to build bridges and create consensus for the well of the country and their own, so they don’t lose credibility in 2016 and the White House with that. The close races in some red states is enough prove that going radical to the right pretending to be the Christian ayatollahs is not well received anymore.

What to expect now that Republicans control congress? Expect the same game of obstructing everything Obama sends to congress. Expect the same battle between the branches of government when it comes to the complete political agenda: Foreign affairs, Immigration, Jobs, Economy, etc. It is going to be interesting seeing Barack Obama alone for the first time. It is going to be interesting seeing him either, sign laws sent by Republicans, vetoed them, or doing everything via “Executive Order,” which will put democrats on the spot even more.

vs owner

Teenagers holding Republican candidate sign. Leawood, KS (Red State)

Talking about immigration, what is the next step with this thorn? What is going to happen with the proposal that is been on hold in the House for over a year? Will Republicans use this to attract again the Latino vote for 2016? Will Latinos take the bait? Will Latinos punish the Democratic Party in 2016 for Obama’s failed Immigration promised? Will Latinos punish the Republican Party in 2016 if they don’t fix immigration before? Will Republicans satisfy their extremist branch and go for the radical “Self Deportation” agenda? Is it even possible to deport 12+ millions undocumented immigrants without hurting American economy? Mitt Romney said few days ago that if GOP wins the senate, they would pass a comprehensive immigration reform. Well, they now have both houses. Will they make the first move? On the other hand, will Obama use executive order to fix at least immigrants with families already citizens and try to redeem his party with Latinos? Are both sides going to work together to fix this “Human Rights” issue (You read that right; it is a Human Rights issue and not just an Immigration issue)? Will Republicans pass immigration reform on step-by-step basis, starting with more border security (Something Obama supported last year)?

Immigration will be again the scape goat for both parties playing politics in 2016. They keep underestimating the voting power of minority groups. Meanwhile, peoples’ life’s will be shattered, families separated, dreams broken, hearts broken, undocumented parents deported leaving orphan American kids behind. Is your call now Christian conservatives, we shall see if your claimed passion for Jesus Christ teachings is for real or is just your double moral full of (shit) hypocrisy.


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