Why New Twitter “Preview Media” Feature is WRONG!

We all know the power of twitter as social media or social network; if you don’t know it is because probably you literally have been living under a rock the last couple of years. In a new effort to improve, twitter decided they want the multimedia content to be more prominent, probably in preparation to its stock market debut. 

The link users had to click to see pictures and videos is now in the past. With their new update, now photos are displayed directly in users’ time line, with the option to expand them by tapping them on mobile app or click directly on them if using web version in your desktop/laptop.

On their announcement, they say: “These rich tweets can bring your followers closer to what’s happening.” The media “enrichment” applies only to photos uploaded using twitter, and videos created with Vine app.

Nude photo in twitter

Nude photo in twitter

So, why is that really WRONG? Well, Twitter does not have the same policy as Facebook when displaying nude photography or hard core pornography. Twitter is “wide open” (“insert” joke here) when it comes to content images in its platform. Users have the option to mark their tweets as “sensitive,” but as a twitter junky, I have come to find LOTS of accounts within the porn industry using Twitter as their marketing tool, without protected tweets and public profiles.

As a father of children under 12 years old, who is introducing kids into safe social media and social networking, the new Twitter feature concerns me. The nature of sexual explicit material is controversial; I personally find the human body as a beautiful piece of art, and if you truly believe we were created in God’s image is even better. But the levels of human degrade some women within the porn industry experience, or even giving a twisted connotation to the beautiful act of sex is ridiculously wrong (personal opinion).

I do not hate porn; I definitely will defend its right to exist as contracted interaction of consenting adults. But, when a powerful tool like twitter makes it available for anybody without any restrictions OR warnings, is when it bothers me (notice I never censor it). As a social media tutor, I encourage critical thinking on my kids and customers, and even though I know Twitter requirement age is 13, sometimes I let them check my TL so they can see different points of view on current topics, or to teach them by showing them examples of type of personal information people post without any concerns, especially teenagers.

Vine Porn videos

Vine porn videos

Because my TL contains a full array in diversity accounts (sure lots of users out there have the same diversity), with new twitter update, the preview material is right there, available to see by anybody who grabs your phone or computer while twitter is active. Even if you don’t follow porn accounts, we all have those silly friends who post nude pictures just for fun once in a while. We all follow people who post art, including nude pictures. We all have that friend who gives RTs to everything, including Vine videos.  

Again, I don’t censor porn nor nude materials in this platform (or any other platform), and I DO like and enjoy sex as a fun activity, but from now on, I’ll emphasize new rules when teaching twitter to my kids or customers, and be very careful when scrolling my TL while in my lunch break at work’s cafeteria, or desk.

I’m actually surprised the radicals and conservative groups out there haven’t expressed their God inspired rage yet. Maybe they consider twitter a satanic tool, that’s why they don’t know about this platform and the new update.

No, seriously speaking, if you are in the same situation as me, where you have children at home who like to play in your smart phone, or if you like to scroll your twitter TL while at office, or with friends reunions; PLEASE disable the PREVIEW, otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a very awkward position (insert another joke here).

Here is how to do it on your phone: Simple go to settings within twitter app and deselect “Image Preview.” No option to do it on computer yet, but you can always mark your tweets as containing sensitive material. Your call!

Twitter Settings

Twitter Settings


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