CrossFit: The Lost Primal Knowledge!

I have been working sitting in my arse for eight hours a day in front of a computer for over eight years. Leaving work and going to school just to be sitting in class for other 4 hours, getting home and sit in front of the TV trying to do homework another couple of hours, and then laying in bed still watching TV before collapsing in my sleep.  This sedentary life really hurt my body and mind, but what really hurt the most was not able to keep up with my kids, or at least is how I felt. Even though I sporadically ran, bike, and kayak during spring and hot summer days, all that weight lost always got back with double vengeance during the cold winters. As my body started suffering more due to old sport injuries during my prime days, combined with my sedentary life, I decided it was time to change before it was too late; I literally grab my balls (football, volleyball, soccer) and started doing different things. Ah!

Coach Luke explaining white boards

The cost of gym memberships was always a burden for me, and even though more and more 24 hrs gyms with no annual commitments or costly memberships to join started to flourish around town, it was always my decision to use that money on my kids instead of me. For my new year resolution, I started running and biking more often in 2013, even in cold weather (brutal icy and snowy storms we had earlier this year), but this time challenging myself to improve times or distances. I notice immediately I hit that mark where nothing else happens no matter how much exercise you do. It was time to move on, to try something different (at the lowest possible cost.) That’s when GRUPON came into play, my kids found a CrossFit place very close from my house (CrossFit Diem) with a really nice sale; 20 CrossFit classes for $40.00. I had to take the deal (before offer expired) as CrossFit classes are more pricey than other fitness classes. Kids made the purchase as father day gift, I made my appointment, and started taking the class. I’M SO FREAKING GLAD WE DID IT!

CrossFit is defined as a core strength and conditioning program.  But this definition is just as boring as it sounds. After experiencing CrossFit for about 5 weeks now, I can tell you it’s all about going back to basic “Primal Knowledge.” Yes, you read that correctly, Stone Age skills and Bronze Age technology! Our ancestors have to use their body on the most effective ways to survive, hunt, or gather supplies. Squatting, pushing, pulling, jumping, throwing, carrying and sprinting to get the prey (or not being the prey) were routine moves humans encounter on their daily lives. Guess what? Even though we don’t have to chase our pray to get our meet, we still face the same issues in our modern life. CrossFit teaches us how to effectively move and exercise the way our human bodies were created to function, becoming  effective hunters or gatherers (very useful on those black Friday sales), or even sprinters to catch the bus on time.

Intro to crossfit

Coach Luke explaining the snatch move to all the new comers!

Workouts that always change at high intensity levels; these timed scored workouts squeeze all the juice from each one of your muscles better than Jack LaLanne’s power juicer. I’m doing it three times a week for now and I’m already doing things I always thought will be impossible for me to do. Clean jerks, snatches, and overhead squats just few of them; but by far, my favorite moves are box jumps, ball walls, kettlebell swings, and the MIGHTY prowler. Yes, every single school in America should be required to have prowler sessions on their P.E. class. Just 4 trips in the parking lot pushing 50-100 pounds and doing 10 jumping lunges in between each round would destroy even the toughest athlete; imagine doing 15 trips? Yeah baby!!

All these intense exercises also triggered the primal need for better nutrition. In a short time, my body started changing (still have a long, LONG way to go), asking for more and better meals. This is something I’m still struggling with and perhaps will address on another post; for now, I’m enjoying how people notice my change and complimenting my effort. I no longer want to sit down and watch TV (not that much at least), I feel more energetic and positive, even more confident achieving ANY goals.

Ball walls, kettlebell swings

Ball walls, kettlebell swings

My body is starting to crave for more pain and feels wrong when I’m not in the warehouse sweating (no A.C. and 100 degrees weather plus index). My muscles have been sore ever since I join this friendly place. Lots of people already know my name (I feel bad because I don’t know all of them yet) and help me by explaining the exercises. Which makes a HUGE difference from the classic gym where the only people allowed to touch weights are part of the “Frat Boys Club,” This is definitely another reason why CrossFit dojos are becoming more popular now, transforming primal knowledge into tribal knowledge, supporting and cheering each other while you compete with your own mind. This communal view is what makes CrossFit more effective.

I’m so excited that I’m trying to get every person I care about involved in crossfit. My 10 year old son started just last weekend with the Ramp-On introduction class, and my 7 year old daughter is anxious to join because she sees how fun and challenging it is. They both do Taekwondo, an extra benefit is that coach Luke is also MMA trainer, so they both are looking forward to get little bit of extra help on their martial arts. Since CrossFit is a program that takes you back to basics, anybody can do it. That’s right! It really doesn’t matter age or level of fitness; as long as you commit to yourself, you are IN.

Crossfit Warm up

Coach Luke teaching new comers Warm up moves

I’ll keep posting any significant change as I progress kicking myself out of the couch and into the dojo.

p.s. I know everybody is different, but If you are a nutriologist reading this post, could you please recommend a good diet, book, site, or program to address my PROTEIN needs?


3 thoughts on “CrossFit: The Lost Primal Knowledge!

  1. Very interesting. Due to illness I can’t do crossfit training currently, but I’m very inspired by the idea of socially-conscious, community-based fitness. Part of my current personal goal is changing language to better help motivation for when I’m able to exercise again, but one powerful trick for me is to NEVER equate making my body strong with the idea of “work.” Why do we “work out” as adults, but as children, we play? If I say to myself, “I want to go play for a bit” instead of “Time to work out” my motivation is there. Playing is fun! Here’s to the experience of finding there are options for people to play together rather than make it work, or an unnecessary competition.

    Time to go play! 🙂

    • Molly:
      1st – Thank you for reading my post!
      2nd- Take care of your illness.hopefully is not a bad thing. It is an sport’s injury, then rest. You can speed up healing with ice, compression, mobility work, and good supplementation.
      3rd. You re definitely right, we need a new set of mind to start something we never done before or to keep that motivation going. It’s amazing what happens when you just won’t give up!

      I really wish you get better soon so you can go back to the playground!

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