Each Person In The Rightful Place!

How to recruit the right person for a position within a company?

Make the following test:

Put one hundred bricks in any particular order in a closed room that has a large open window. Send 2 to 3 candidates into the room, let them alone, close the door, and return in 4 hours to analyze the situation:

1.-If they are counting the bricks: Put them in Accounting

2.-If they are re-counting: Put them in Auditing

3 .- If they are arranging the bricks in a strange way: Put them in projects

4 .- If they have become a riot the place and not know what to do with the bricks: Put them in Engineering

5.-If they are throwing, breaking and hiding the broken bricks: Put in Production

6.-If they are sleeping and have not moved the bricks: Put them in Security.

7 .-. If they are fetching and carrying bricks around the room: Put in Logistics

8.-If they are sitting around doing nothing and have no idea what are the bricks for: Put them in Human Resources

9.-If they say they have tried various ways to accommodate them, but really have not moved even one brick: Put them in Systems

10.-If they break the bricks into pieces and try to fix them: Put them in Maintenance

11 .- If they lie in the amount of bricks there are: Put in Shopping

12.-If they are planning a strategy to accommodate the bricks: Put them in the Warehouse

13.-If they moved the bricks, not placed well, and blaming each other: Put them in Quality

14.-If they are proposing methods to save them or use them, and fight with all areas: Place in the Legal Department

But the most important:

15.-If they are only looking out the window, talking on the phone, and becoming assholes:

Make them Managers or directors!

** translated from a Spanish received **


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